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3 Gift Ideas For the Grumpy Old Man in Your Life

Posted by Edmund Teo on

3 Gift Ideas For the Grumpy Old Man in Your Life

Father’s Day is coming and like all filial children, you want to spoil your dad silly with thoughtful gifts now that you have a stable career and some amount of disposable income. But, there’s one small problem. He doesn’t like frivolous stuff so choosing a Father’s Day gift for him is no small feat in itself. Our opinion is that you should get something practical that he would be able to use in his daily life without too much hassle.

Car Navigation Systems

Everyone uses google maps to navigate around now, everyone apart from our parents it seems. For the rare ones that do learn how to use Google maps, there’s always the complaint that the screen is too small for them to view properly when driving.

Car navigation systems might be slowly being phased out in the public consciousness, but they still have their uses. With its large display and touch screen along with the ability to search for addresses through street names, postal codes and even nearby petrol stations, the Nuvi 57/67LM ensures that it would have a place in your family car even if you do find your dad disagreeing with the directions given by the GPS from time to time.

Car Cameras/Dashcams

Raise of hands for everyone who got yelled at by your dad for bringing food or drinks into the car as a student when he picks you up after school! At times, it seems like your dad actually values the car more than you, but we all know that’s just spiteful thinking on our end.

For that extra ‘family member’, keeping her safe is probably one of your dad’s top priorities in life as well. With the increasing amount of road rage incidents and car crashes on our roads today, getting a car camera to protect the car in event of any incident is a prudent decision that will pay off in the long run.

For an entry level dashcam, you might want to consider the C310/C330 dashcam that can be operated simply by plugging it into the cigarette butt adaptor without installation at the car workshops. For something more premium, the 698 Bundle is also one of the best dashcams on the market with front recording, rear recording and parking mode recording. Mio dashcams also comes with 15 months warranty and immediate 1 to 1 exchange in the event of any warranty issues.

Smartwatch Activity Trackers   

Fitness trackers such as Fitbit or the now defunct Pebble have been all the rage these days especially with the younger crowd. But for the older generation, it hasn’t really caught on yet. From our personal experience at various PC Shows, the designs are often too colorful or visually striking for them. They would prefer something with a more timeless and classical design.

This is where Ticwatch truly shines in that department. While most designs on the market are activity tracking first and daily wear second, Ticwatch actually does the opposite by disguising its fitness tracking as a classical design timepiece. For Ticwatch, we would recommend either the Oak or the Onyx as they have designed for dress events and businessmen in mind. There is also the option of swapping out the straps with any third party 20mm straps if your dad fancies any other colors or designs.


At the end of the day, we believe that you yourself would know best what your dad prefers. This blog article should only serve as an inspirational guide to help spark ideas of the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad.

P.S If your dad constantly grumbles about the gift you bought for him, but still uses it every day, it means he really likes it!



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