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To Walk Is To Eat! Walking 10K Steps A Day!

Posted by Edmund Teo on

We all know the age old adage that walking 10k steps a day is healthy. But what does it really mean? According to Pritikin and other sites, walking 10k steps a day would burn on average 500 calories.

With 500 calories burned this essentially means that you are entitled to 1x Bubble Tea a day guilt free! The calories in each bubble tea differs from café to café, but myfitnesspal pegs it as an average of 340 calories per serving.

However, if you aren’t already hitting 10k steps a day in your daily routines, you might be hard pressed to hit that daily quota without going for an evening jog. In this article, we will look at ways to incorporate additional steps into you daily routine to help you reach the 10k step count.

Tip 1: Climb the Stairs

Due to advances in technology, we are so used to the idea of riding the escalators or lifts in our daily commute to the office that we often forget about stairs until the escalator breaks down. With that being said, climbing the stairs or escalators can be a relatively quick and painless way to add to your steps counts.

Assuming you are commuting via the MRT, you would be climbing the stairs a minimum of 4x a day if you also decide to climb the stairs to your office. As an additional benefit, climbing all those stairs daily would also tone your calf muscles!

Tip 2: Alighting a bus stop earlier

Before everyone screams in horror at the prospect of walking under the sweltering hot sun, we would like to first recommend that people only do this at the end of the day when the weather is more cooling and they are not rushing off to work.

By alighting one bus stop earlier and walking home, you not only get to add between 500 – 1000 steps to your daily count, you also get to whet a good appetite for your dinner!   

Tip 3: Go for after dinner walks

After taking a heavy dinner, rather than sitting down its also strongly encouraged to go for a post dinner stroll around your neighborhood. According to lifehacker, a post meal walk aids in digestion by speeding the rate at which food moved through the stomach and also decreasing your blood sugar.


With the tips above, you should be able to easily add 2000 to 3000 steps regularly to your daily steps account which should help you break into the 10k steps count if you are not in that range yet!  

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