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Top tips to saving time and money at the PC Show 2017

Posted by Edmund Teo on

What exciting events take place in June aside from the school holidays? That’s right, it’s the long running PC Show where your fellow techies and bargain hunters go to snipe for the best deals and tick that box on your IT shopping list.

But while we enjoy hunting for that elusive bargain or viewing the latest tech from our favorite brands, the crowded and jammed walkways along with volatile pricing often leaves much to be desired. As a company that has been consistently setting up booths at these PC shows for the past 10 years, we have compiled a list of insider tips and tricks to help you squeeze out the most bang for your buck in the shortest time.

PC Show 2017 Tips 1

Be the first to enter or the last to leave
If you are in a rush for time, be the one of the first few to enter the hall. This leaves you free to rapidly make your way to the booth, make a purchase and get out pronto. There used to be a time where people would queue up for hours before the opening but the number of people doing that has dropped quite significantly with the rise of e-commerce.

If you are looking for the best deals, it’s an open secret that quite a number of brands will slash their prices just before the end of the show in order to clear their stocks and reduce the number of items they have to transport back to the warehouse.

PC Show 2017 Tips 2

Trade Ins
If you have unused laptops or tablets sitting at home, you can trade them in for vouchers that you can use to subsidize your next purchase at the show.

However, its best to do the trade in on Thursday or Friday morning as by the evening or the weekends there will be a long waiting time for it.

Trade-in Terms and Conditons

PC Show 2017 Tips 3

Study the floor plan before entering
An underrated tip that often goes unheeded is to study the floor plan and mentally map out your route. From personal experience, there’s nothing quite as irritating as getting stuck behind a slow moving crowd and belatedly realizing that you had taken a huge detour to get to your booth. 

PC Show 2017 Tips 4

Offer to pay in cash
If you had been visiting shows for a long time, you might be wondering why some brands have expressed a preference for cash payment even if it does seem more convenient to pay the large amount through your credit/debit card.

The reason is that the brands often have to pay a % fee to the credit card companies for every transaction. Now that you know this piece of information, you can try to bargain for discounts through full payment via cash. However, do take note that discounts given for this usually will not be very significant so don’t be expecting an additional 10% off.

PC Show 2017 Tip 5

Eat at Chinatown
This year’s PC Show is set at Marina Bay Sands, where a plate of chicken rice at the food court can cost in excess of $10. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to food, look no further than Chinatown, just a mere 3 stops away on the downtown line where the food is both affordable and delicious.

PC Show 2017 Tip 6
Check relevant pages for promos and information
To both save time and money, you can often check out brochures online before deciding if the promos is worthwhile your time and effort to head down to the show.  For most household brand names, Hardwarezone often lists the brochures on its site for would be shoppers to compare the prices 1 or 2 days before the show.

Alternately, if you are hard pressed for time, you can sometimes message the Facebook pages of the brands directly to work out a solution. For example, we at EWAY88 would happily extend the PC show promo pricings to you at our online shop!

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