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eTrex Touch 25

  • SGD$309.00
  • SGD$339.00

Color Touchscreen GPS/GLONASS Handheld with 3-axis Compass

  • 2.6-inch color capacitive touchscreen
  • 3-axis tilt-compensated compass
  • GPS and GLONASS satellites for faster positioning
  • 250,000 preloaded geocaches from Geocaching.com
  • 4 GB memory to hold more maps
  • Free local shipping(Singapore) within 3 working days

Compact rugged and reliable GPS/GLONASS handheld with color touchscreen, featuring a 3-axis tilt compensated electronic compass, wireless connectivity, preloaded geocaches and expanded internal memory to hold more maps.

More details on eTrex Touch 25 can be found at Garmin website here!




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