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Song Joong Ki 7 Day Mask Monday(10 Pieces), , eWay88, eWay88, Garmin, Garmin Singapore

Song Joong Ki 7 Day Mask Monday(10 Pieces)

  • SGD$24.90
  • SGD$49.00

Improves Skin Elasticity 

Protein Mask provides nutrition for stronger skin. 

Provides elasticity with moisturizing effect for silky skin. 

5 kinds of plant extract moisture + wrinkle + elasticity + nutrition intensive care treatment mask 

Main ingredient: Bird nest extract 250mg, peptide. 

How to Use

After face wash, use toner and place mask onto the face. 

Remove after 20 minutes. 

Caution! If there are abnormalities on skin such as redness, swelling itching or irritation, please stop immediate usage of product and consult your skin care dermatologist as soon as possible.



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